I just went to ride motorcycles and get a coffee, WITH A GIRL (Totally not a date).There definitely needs to be more lady-folk riding motorcycles, it’s always such a dude-fest.

First bagger of the year!

A buddy of mine took his bike to the States on Saturday, and returned today. We ended up meeting him in Rocky Mountain House (instead of Cochrane) to bring him back to Edmonton. I finally got to see some mountains for the first time since August. I really missed long-haul rides, and was glad to get to smash out 460km in 5.5 hours with friends. 

Riding in view of the mountains near Cochrane to pick a friend up from his short US ride on his new enduro bike in the morning. Stoked to do my first long ride of the season, maybe snap a few pics. 

Kind of a vain kind of day. I don’t remember being this content and happy about life yet this year. I’m finally enjoying my own company again, something I forgot the importance of. 

Winter Wasteland to Spring Paradise in fewer than 24 hours. Winter Wasteland to Spring Paradise in fewer than 24 hours.

Winter Wasteland to Spring Paradise in fewer than 24 hours.

I can’t wait till it’s warm enough for 3am rides again. There’s something so freeing about having a large city’s streets to yourself at night, a heavy throttle-hand, and warmish wind across your face.

I totally want to go to sleep, but I really want to aimlessly roam the city too. I wish I weren’t such a nightowl sometimes.

Chiodos - 3 AM

I’m going to need some human subjects for photography this summer I think. I want some liveliness in my photos. Either I’m going to have to creep some stranger-pics in the street (already guilty), be that guy that brings the camera to a party, or do some deliberate photo sessions. 

I haven’t committed to any Easter plans yet, and the weather in MT and WY is supposed to be really nice. Maybe I should ride to Yellowstone or South Dakota or something.

Boredom is a serious thing, alright guys?

Off to Ireland, in one month to the day!

Prepare yourselves for next months picture spam.